Rust GraphQL webserver with Warp, Juniper and MongoDB

Rust's web frameworks ecosystem is in constant change, but recently a new framework called warp came out implementing a new, original way to solve the old problem of transforming a request into a response, and I wanted to give it a try.

And, as I use GraphQL massively at work, I also wanted to check how well Juniper implements it. To add some spice, I used MongoDB as a storage engine instead of the ubiquitous and well-supported SQL databases.

The good old serde will handle serializations.

And I also wanted to try failure for fun.

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Using Vue.js without webpack

Have you ever wondered if you can use Javascript frameworks like Vue.js by accessing them directly in your webpage, without having to transpile or bundle them before deploy? I have, and here is the result of my first test.

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Adding Sony Android SDK in Android Studio

Today I started experimenting with the Sony SDK to add floating windows (Small Apps in the Sony lingo) capabilities to my app. All the documentation I found was for Eclipse and, apparently, nobody thought of documenting how to use it with Android Studio.

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