Vagrant and Ansible (part 1)

I am used to have a complete LAMP stack on my development machine, so that I can test my sites on a browser directly while writing code.

It’s probably an old-school way to develop, but it has worked well until recently.

Now I am working on two projects. One is a completely new project, but it needs to run on a Ubuntu 12.04 server but could be tested without problems on a more recent Linux config; the other is some legacy PHP4 code that runs fine on Ubuntu 12.04 with PHP 5.3 but it’s a mess to adapt to PHP 5.5.

I thus decided to give Vagrant a try and install an Ubuntu 12.04 image on Virtualbox. I found a Vagrantfile on the Internet and, allons-y!, everything works.

Then I thought: what would happen if I misconfigured the Vagrantfile, or the server config, or, worse, deleted the wrong file? Let’s study some devops tools!

Some months ago I read a book on Puppet and did some tests, but I found it quite complicated, and I heard Chef is similar. The new kid on the block is Ansible, and, from what I read on the Internet, it looked nice. Of course I tested it.

And then, keeping a terminal window open on the old VM’s Vagrant directory, it happened: a vagrant destroy in the wrong directory.

So I had to rush my Ansible study. :)

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